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tv   CNNI Simulcast  CNN  December 2, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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hey, there, everyone, i'm errol r a big welcome to those watching in the states and all around the world. coming up this hour. ferguson fallout. police investigate the stepfather of michael brown. the key question, should he be charged for inciting a riot? the fight against isis will take you to the dainius streets of kobani, syria. quite clear is that isis, afar from giving up. >> also coming up, surrender in hong kong. the leaders of hong kong's
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occupy central movement say they will turn themselves in right now. this hour. but will younger protesters follow their lead? also ahead, the not so great car robbery. we'll have the hysterical ending to a would-be car thief that involves a skateboard and some very lame moves. we want to begin here. an all too familiar scene in ferguson, missouri, violence erupting after a grand jury decided not to indict the police officer who fatally shot unarmed african-american teenager michael brown. well, now brown's stepfather is among several people under investigation for possibly inciting the violence because of an outburst he made that night. cnn's george howell is in ferguson. >> reporter: a police car set on fire. images of officers using smoke and tear gas to disperse the
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crowd. scenes of unrest and looting, the images now seared into the minds of people who watched events play out minutes after the county particular decide the not to indict officer wilson but was there a singular moment that prompted it? tom jackson says they are now investigating whether in this moment caught on tape, michael brown's stepfather, louis head was trying to incite a riot. >> burn this [ bleep ] down. burn this [ bleep ] gown. give me the mike. >> regrettable comments according to brown's mother lesley mcspadden. >> his emotions was taken over and he spoke out of anger. it's one thick to speak and it's a different thing to act. he did not act. he just spoke out of anger. i'm a grieving mother. there's my husband.
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so when you're that hurt, and the system has did you this wrong you may some things, as well. we've all spoke out of anger before. >> reporter: at this point no charges have been filed but police plan to interview head and have already interviewed people who know him. brown's family attorney condemned the outburst when it happened and again on cnn. >> it's undefensible. it is not appropriate in any way. we don't condone people acting on emotion calling for people to do irresponsible things at all. and so we want his family, his mother and father message to come across louder than anybody who might be associated with them or around them. they can't control what others do. they can control what they pray for. >> reporter: george howell, cnn, ferguson, missouri. >> now, news of the
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investigation into his remarks came as the from term order of police announced off-duty officers are providing free protection to darren wilson. its executive director says the group decided to act just after the shooting when wilson started seeing threats over the phone via e-mail and through social media, as well. he also says the ferguson police department appeared unwilli wiwr unable to provide security for him. later in the newscast charles barkley has some very candid comments about what's happened in ferguson. what it means in the united states and what he has to say may surprise you. if you're a follower of him, maybe you're not. we'll show you what he had to say in half an hour from. the international effort to crush isis will be the focus today in brussels. u.s. secretary of state john kerry will chair a meeting with foreign ministers from 60 coalition partners and talk
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about military tactics and political maneuvers to stop the islamic militants who are terrorizing parts of iraq and syria. now we want to give you a rare look inside kobani. this syrian city has been under siege by isis fighters for months. its kurdish offenders are gaining crowd with the help from other fighters and u.s.-led air strikes. even as the battle rages on, our nick paton walsh has just toured the city and filed this report. >> reporter: we've been taken down this street towards the eastern front line behind those curtains put up to protect them from snipers by two of the female wpg fighters escorting us down and this is near the eastern front where there's been much more intense fighting in the past three or four days. while we get differs figures from whoever you speak to about
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quite how much of the city is controlled and you see here quite remarkable devastation caused by the explosives used, what's quite clear is that isis afar from giving up on this fight trying to take ground every day, the move towards the official border crossing three or four days ago was a substantial advance they tried beaten back, each night particularly last night we had intense clashes further down this street towards the eastern front here. you can hear -- you can see the absolute devastation here as we get closer towards isis' positions here to the northeast of the city. some of this caused by air strikes but some too from the daily constant sometimes every five minutes thump of mortars some homemade by isis that have
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been pounded against kobani for months now. we can see turkey literally just behind us, but here they're edging through this wreckage closer and closer to the placing where isis are trying to push forward. >> our nick paton walsh hunkered down inside kobani and as you saw walking flew some of the rubble, that city definitely devastated and learning about the arrest of people close to the isis leader. intelligence source says abu bakr al baghdadi's ex-wife was caught in a coordinated effort to lebanon with help from u.s. intelligence. so far we've heard no comment from washington. jim sciutto has more on the arrest and its implications. >> reporter: she's a former wife of abu bakr al baghdadi. the lebanese sources tell cnn the woman reportedly identifyie seen here during a prisoner exchange in march had a potentially significant role in
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the terror group. >> we will gain some intelligence from her. we may get incisights into his movement and who he surrounds himself with. >> reporter: her capture along with one of al baghdadi's children followed weeks of planning. >> i'm not going to speak about a lebanese military operation. we long said he's the recognized leader of isil, command and control of the organization which stems from leadership makes him valid from a targeting perspective. >> reporter: the deal is a potential blow as iraqi and curd lich leaders reached an agreement to join forces to fight the group together. iraq's shiite dominated government in baghdad striking a far heave reaching deal with kurdish forces in the north that will send $1 billion in arms to kurdish leaders, east the flow of american supplied arms
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through baghdad and crucially share oil revenue between kurdish areas and the south. >> the kurds will be much better provisioned with salaries to help maintain their fighting force and get more sophisticated weapons that we wanted to provide them but haven't wanted to if it threatened to divide or rupture the country. >> reporter: it's a significant achievement for the new iraqi prime minister hider al abide dinar rowing a deep divide three months into his term into his office that his predecessors couldn't reach before him. some other stories we're following for you, a somber day in australia and throughout the sporting world as cricketer phil hughes has been laid to rest. the service took place in maxville where he grew up. eulogized hi busine-- by his br and sister after a freak
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accident on the pitch there in sydney. the ball hit him in the back of the neck just below his helmet. all right at this point we move to hong kong where the three founders of the central occupy or the occupy central movement, i should say are surrendering this hour to police. even though there's no warrant against them. you may this time yesterday was when the announcement was made watching these are images from yesterday when they made that announcement watching images from hong kong now to see if they mention anything. they're urging demonstrators on the treats to retreat. they say the situation has become just too dangerous but the founders insist that their surrender doesn't mean they failed. manisha tank takes a look. >> reporter: when the so-called umbrella movement started in hong kong, the weather was decidedly more balmy. it's now turning cold and windy and will get harder and harder
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to camp out and reflective of the movement, the weather within the movement has turned for the worse. the three major groups that had led this campaigns in the beginning seem to be going off in their own different directions and a big climb-down from scholarism. the leader, joshua wong, holding a press conference in which he made it very clear that his hunger strike was directed more towards seeing a dialogue on the constitutional reform process less than the original demands that they set out to achieve. sump as getting the chief executive c. yi leung to step down and see universal suffrage and stop beijing from prescreening candidates before the elections. meanwhile, the med of the federation of students said this occupation seems to be ineffective in achieving those previous goals and the leaders of occupy will turn themselves in.
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what this show this fractious movement doesn't have a single leader and never did. there are many who are still camped out who don't see themselves as having a ledder. many of the tents respect necessarily occupied. in some waist they're symbolic. they seem to get to a point where they've had enough of the occupation. it's impacting their lives and some businesses say its impacting on their revenues and calling on landlords to pull down their rents. it doesn't seem momentum is there to keep this campaign going on for much longer. for cnn i'm manisha tank in hong kong. a u.s. deadline passes with no action. find out what this means for takata's air bag recall and if your car might be at risk. al shabaab militants call a massacre a revenge attack. we'll hear from kenya's president coming up. plus, republicans plan a
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challenge to president obama's immigration order but later rather than sooner. stay with us here on cnn.
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now, a deadline has come and gone. takata corporation isn't taking any action to expand the u.s. recall of its air bags. now, the recall is currently limited to warm humid states but u.s. officials want it to go nationwide. a takata representative will
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likely face tough questioning at a congressional hearing on wednesday. our andrew stevens joins us from tokyo with more on what could happen next. andrew, the key question i guess, what's the reasoning for takata to refuse to issue a nationwide recall? it is for an abundance of safety. a few weeks ago they admitted there weren't enough recalled parts for some of the regional recalls. >> reporter: well, that would seem to be the main reason, errol. the fact that they couldn't supply everybody every vehicle that needed replacement parts if they did the nationwide recall. to underline that by saying the point is we have to prioritize where to put those parts. where they're most needed and in takata's view they're most needed in humid states like hawaii, florida, puerto rico where most of the incidents of the exploding air bags have occurred. but it was definitely a defying nhtsa, the nat highway safety
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transportation authority with that decision thought to go ahead with a national recall but interestingly, also, errol, we spoke to a spokesman at takata just a short while ago and he said that we would comply with any recalls made by the automakers themselves, not by takata so what they're doing is in a sense passing the decision on a recall over to the automakers themselves. remember, there are ten brands of vehicle which are using these faulty air bags, so they want to see, the automakers say they will comply with whatever the customers, i.e., the automakers want. i spoke to an analyst here just a short while ago and asked him why he thought that takata wasn't prepared to make that national recall. this is what he had to say. >> physically takata might not be able to meet that requirement partly because takata doesn't really have enough capacity at this point so they have to have priority, so to speak, by area, which area they should first
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recall the air bags, so because of that, i think takata was kind of reluctant to accept the nationwide recall. >> reporter: now, that goes to your point, errol, all along they have not been enough parts. though takata says they are looking at other producers of parts, i.e., rivals to help them boost their monthly production. currently it's around 300 air bag -- 300,000, excuse me but can lift it to 450,000 but even that number against the millions of potential cars that teed to be changed is still going to take some time, errol. >> i would imagine for people worried they may be driving a car with a faulty air bag they're not concerned with takata's business operation. i mean, in a way if it was defective it was their fault. it was their responsibility to fix it. there are a number of carmakers who use them, i understand honda is the largest customer. plenty of our viewers are
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driving those cars. what should or can someone do if they're worried that their car air bag may be faulty? >> reporter: look, it's a really good question and it comes down to the individual driver. are they prepared to take a risk that potentially they are traveling with a faulty explosive device that could damage them, injure them severely if not kill them? that would have to be an individual decision. this is what the lawmakers will be saying exactly to takata executives when they meet when takata goes before u.s. congress subcommittee today, wednesday, it's likely to be a pretty fiery exchange at least from the u.s. side. that's the sort of basic question that takata needs to answer. i mean, what if you have a car which you live in a state outside the recall zone and drive to florida for six weeks. you're in that area which takata has decided most potential incident cost happen so how do
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you deal with that one? it's a sort of question we're likely to hear today a little bit later on a few hours from now and a difficult time for takata. they do face fines if they don't comply with this request from nhtsa so there is certainly a lot more to go on this story and where takata goes from here. remember, it's very difficult to actually get through to speak to actual people there. most of their dealings with the press have gone through their own website or through press release, so to actually hear from takata themselves in front of this congress hearing is quite unusual in itself. >> yeah, andrew, i would expect fireworks. they are going to get grilled, i would expect big time. approaching 4:20 there. thank you. now, there is sadness and growing anger in kenya after the latest attack by al shabaab. militants killed 36 quarry workers in a village near the somali border.
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we have images that some of you may find disturbing. >> reporter: they were caught by surprise asleep in their tents when gunmen attacked in the early hours of tuesday. the 36 bodies here are of non-muslim quarry workers. separated from their muslim colleagues and executed. those who survive wrd taken to hospital, some telling of watching their friends beheaded. al shabaab was quick to claim responsibility. but the quarry attack near the somali border is just the latest in a string of brutal killings by the islamic militants. on november 23rd, the group ambushed a bus in the same region killing at least 28 people after they failed to recite verses from the koran. a campaign of terror designed to put pressure on the kenyan
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government to withdraw troops fighting islamic extremists in neighboring somali. the kenyan president remains resolute. >> we will not flinch or relent in the war against terrorism in our country and our region. >> reporter: kenyans had feared this latest attack and fear more still. >> everybody is getting scared of what is happening so you are listening to today's -- our president's speech. he gave us assurance, assurance that things will be okay, so we want to see again what is going to happen. >> if you are a good person you have to protect your home first then your community and go beyond your village. >> reporter: it's the kind of criticism that prompted sweeping changes in the security ranks in the hours following tuesday's attack. president kenyatta announcing national police chief david kamaya resigned and he was also
11:22 pm
appointing a new interior minister. action that has been long awaited. >> we will sort knowledge and security within our weak neness the architecture. last week i directed my government security actors to engage with members of the relevant committees of the legislature with a view to rectify administrative and legal hurdles that limit our ability to deal with this very real and existential threat that we face. >> reporter: it may go some way to winning back the trust of the kenyan people who again prepared to bury more loved ones lost to a lingering war on terror. but can it guarantee their safety? nima elbagir, cnn, london. >> i want to bring you some breaking news now. word coming into cnn of a car bombing at the iranian
11:23 pm
ambassador's residence in yemen. now, this took place in the capital, the explosion reportedly killed a guard and wounded at least six others. interior minister officials say the ambassador wasn't there but at this early hour unclear if his family was in the building. witnesses say the explosion went off near the entrance of the residence and dozens of security officers have now closed off the area so that breaking news coming in to cnn, a bombing at the iranian ambassador's residence in yemen. as soon as we gather more we'll bring it to you here live. the obama administration is defending the president's immigration order but republicans are planning a challenge. find out just how and when that might happen. people with type 2 diabetes
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♪ look here, daddy, i'm never coming back... ♪ discover the new spirit of cadillac and the best offers of the season. lease this 2015 standard collection ats for around $329 a month. there is a showdown brewing over immigration reform in the u.s. republican leaders of the house of representatives plan to challenge president obama's executive order on the issue, but house members and aides tell cnn they'll try and delay that challenge to avoid a government shutdown next week. dana bash has details. >> reporter: homeland security secretary jay johnson came to capitol hill knowing he'd be in for a scolding. >> the pez's unilateral actions to bypass congress undermine the constitution and threaten our democracy. >> reporter: republicans raked him over the coals for the president's executive action
11:28 pm
allowing some 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the u.s. legally. >> he's acting in the capacity beyond where he has the ability to do so. >> sir, i respectfully disagree. >> on what basis. >> they're present. they're lawfully -- >> lawfully? >> reporter: despite their outrage republicans decided today to the to take the immigration fight so far that it risks a government shutdown. >> frankly, we have limited options and limited abilities to deal with it directly. >> reporter: that's because the republicans' sharpest weapon is the power of the purse, cutting funding. but if the gop goes down that road, it would risk a shutdown since the government runs out of money next week, december 11th. >> everybody wants to know if there will be a government shutdown. >> i don't think anyone has any intention of wanting the government to shut down. >> that's not even a topic we'll discuss at this point. i don't think that's an issue we want to address and we're not going to take that bait. >> reporter: why is that bait?
11:29 pm
>> that's been the president's biggest bully pulpit to scare the country. >> reporter: it's to fund most of the government through next year but only extend funding for homeland security which oversees immigration for a few months to buy time. >> it will be difficult to take meaningful action as long as we've got democratic control in the senate. >> reporter: but powerful conservative groups are impatient and unhappy. one accusing gop leaders of writing a blank check for amnesty. what do you say to conservative groups who think this is caveing? >> well, i don't think you're caving when you're trying to restrict the president's actions. you're taking every initiative possible. >> reporter: they'll hold a vote on a bill that says the president violated the constitution by using his executive authority to change immigration policy. but since democrats who still run the senate have no intention of bringing that up, the vote will largely be symbolic. to mollify conservatives.
11:30 pm
open question will that be enough? sounding off coming up next. >> this notion that cops are killing black men is ridiculous. >> nba analyst charles barkley sits down with cnn and makes some provocative comments about the recent violence in ferguson and how african-americans interact with police. you're going to want to hear when he had to say. plus, big changes now under way in the israeli government. we'll show you why next. we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture everyday.
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we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. wherever you ar in the world thanks for staying with us here on cnn, i'm errol barnett. here's a check of the biggest stories we're following for you right now.
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the three founders of hong kong's occupy central movement have now surrendered to police. the founders walked into the central police station about 15 minutes ago. we were watching this live feed and they did this even though there was no warrant against them. they are urging demonstrators on the streets to retreat, saying the situation has now become too dangerous. the founders insist, though, their surrender does not mean they've failed. isis fighters in iraq are being targeted by more than just coalition warplanes. iran is now flying f-4 phantom jets in eastern iraq. the u.s. military is watching closely but an official tells cnn so far the iranians are not flying near any u.s. jets. mike's stepfather is one of several under investigation for possibly inciting violence in ferguson, missouri. that's according to the city's police chief. police point to his outburst outside the police department
11:35 pm
the night the officer was not indicted. charles barkley is known for making candid remarks just about to anything really but viewers in the u.s. know this. they see the former nba star talk about basketball as an analyst for turner sports but on tuesday, barkley sat down with cnn's brooke baoldin to discussa racially charged case in new york. get comfortable. here's a big portion of that interview. >> let's just begin with the news of the day, michael brown's stepdad is being investigated for saying eight different times burn this "b" down the night the grand jury decision was made public. >> burn this [ bleep ] down. >> reporter: investigated for inciting a riot. should police pursue that. >> this has just been an awful
11:36 pm
incident for everybody and i just think that that just clouds the discussion. you know, this entire situation, there's just so much noise going on you never get to the crux of the issue you need to be discussing, so, no, i don't think they should pursue charges against him. >> what about the walkouts and protests and you've definitely caught some, you know, slack for calling some people -- >> i don't do social immediate. >> i know you don't. >> i don't sit around and watch what -- >> the scumbag comment. >> looting people's property, that's what you are. it's against the law. you wouldn't want people to do it to your house. you know, you need to go back to the stepdad. he don't want me to burn down his house. it's all just bunch a noise at this point but anybody who walks out peacefully, that's what the country was built on. i have no problem with that. burning police cars and looting
11:37 pm
people's store, that's 100% ridiculous. >> do you think that we would be seeing all of that had this been a black police officer, had darren wilson been black and all the facts remaining the same, we would still have a slain 18-year-old, would the outrage be there? >> no, because we have a racial issue in this country. we've always had a racial issue in this country and the biggest problem with it is we never discuss race until something bad happens. we never meaningful dialogue over a cold beer when things are going good but what happens is, when something bad happens everybody has a tribe mentality and everybody wants to protect their own tribe whether they're right or wrong. >> what do you mean when they're right or wrong. >> we all got bad characters in our group. we all got bad characters so my grandmother taught me you judge everything on their own
11:38 pm
individual merit. you don't care what any other jackass has to say. you don't put everybody together. black is not always right and white is not always wrong. you got some bad apples who taking advantage of the situation. that's the point. you got -- that's unfortunate this. is a serious -- somebody lost a child and this is something we need to sit back and discussion and figure out what happened, what went wrong, but let me say this, the notion that white cops are out there just killing black people is ridiculous. that's just flat out ridiculous. and i challenge any black person to try to make that point. this notion that cops -- cops are actually awesome. you know, this is the only thing in the ghetto that stops us from being the wild, wild west. i hate that that are tiff coming out of this entire situation. and the thing that bothers me the most, brooke, the notion
11:39 pm
that all these people are standing here saying, if they indict him, they were already going to riot. >> no matter if there was an indictment -- >> no question. because your mind does not go from let me sit here and listen and let me go and just start burning up police cars and tearing up buildings. that just doesn't happen. >> let me go back to the notion of white cops killing black people. what about the case we're waiting for, the results to come down from the grand jury for eric garner here in new york, right? >> sure. >> i mean it's one thing in ferguson there's some audio but you see the video. you see these cops surround him. >> yes. >> and he ultimately was a homicide. he died. >> i don't think there was a homicide. i don't think there was -- >> what was that? it was a choke hold. you see it. >> the cops are trying to arrest him and got a little aggressive. i think excessive force, you know, something like that but to go right to murder, when the
11:40 pm
cops are trying to arrest you if you fight back things go wrong. that doesn't mean -- i don't think they were trying to kill mr. garner. you know, he was a big man and they tried to get him down. >> you know, i'm hearing so much from different people, friend, people would come on my show, african-americans saying, listen, brooke, you know, i was taught at a young age, i have different roles than you do when i deal with police. and there is a lot of -- there's a lot of getting that off people's chests right now because of what happened in ferguson. there's a lot of anger, there's a lot of frustration. what can we as a country do with that, this energy right now? >> first of all we can open a dialogue and i think that's probably what i was -- what i did was open a dialogue. brooke, in fairness to some black people out there who are crooks and when the police come to your neighborhood, it's a
11:41 pm
tense situation. the only time you interact with the cops is when things are going wrong. that's the only time we ever interact with the cops. but first of all we -- we as black people we got a lot of crooks. we can't just wait until something like this happen, we have to look ourself in the mirror. there is a reason they racially profile us at times. sometimes it's wrong, but sometimes it's right. so to act and sit there and ago like we hold no responsibility for somebody's stuff is disingenuous. >> how can the president help this? first african-american president, you know, held meetings at the white house this week. should he be going to ferguson? >> no. you know, and that's another thing that annoys me about this whole situation, brooke. every time something happens in the black community we have the
11:42 pm
same cast of sad characters, we don't have to have al sharpton go there. we don't have to -- i'm not disparaging mr. crump. i know he represented -- when it happened with trayvon's family, god bless them but we have the same sad sack of black characters. we need some strong black men in st. louis to stand up and say, hey, let's handle this situation. >> where are they? >> that bothers me. i guarantee you, listen, if something happened in my life, i got this. i can handle it. i can handle -- i don't need people coming -- like i feel like i can handle a situation. don't have to have people coming from new york or coming from florida. i'm a strong black man. i can handle this. >> let me move off ferguson. ray rice. after we've seen the video, the elevator atlantic city pumping his then fiancee, knocking her out cold and know ray rice is eligible to play in the nfl. do you think a team is going to pick him up?
11:43 pm
>> i do not. >> why? >> too hot. ray rice made an awful mistake. and i'm hoping somebody got the courage -- it's going to take courage. i hope somebody got the courage to give him another chance because he deserves another chance. >> why does he deserve a second chance? he knocked his fiancee out cold. >> we've had players who killed people who get second chances. can't ever hit a woman. let me repeat that you can't ever hit a woman. let me tell you something, i've been really decision gussed in rog roger goodell. this could have been handled right away. if you hit a woman one time you're going to get suspended for six games and if you do it -- let the legal process play out like it did with ray mcdonald in san francisco but the second time you hit a woman you ain't never going to play pro sports again. for them to put off how to handle this has been atrocious. you can't have men hitting women period. >> and there you have it. turner sports commentator charles barkley talking with
11:44 pm
cnn's brooke baldwin, one of our cnn commentators and civil rights activist van jones called what barkley had to say irresponsible and inflammatory. perhaps you have strong feelings about what you just heard. we should note turner sports is part of cnn's parent company. now, we do have this information just in to cnn, a suspected car bomb has exploded near the somali capital mogadishu. police say at least four people are dead and the apparent target was an african union convoy there. the explosion happened close to the international airport as well near the entrance to the city's green zone, that's where many foreign embassies are based. at this early hour no one has claimed responsibility for that attack but new information into cnn, the suspected car bomb has exploded in mogadishu. israel's prime minister is calling for early parliamentary elections, just as he makes big changes to his own cabinet. we'll get you live to jerusalem after this short break.
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we're for creating more innovation and competition. we're for net neutrality protection. now, here's some news you may find even more surprising. we're comcast. the only isp legally bound by full net neutrality rules. within the next few hours israel's top ledge layers will meet to set a date for new parliamentary elections. this comes after prime minister benjamin netanyahu fired his mensters of justice and finance and called for parliament to dissolve itself. he said the moves are necessary because dissent within his coalition had made governing impossible. for more on the shake-up and
11:48 pm
what's at stake joined live by ben wedeman in jerusalem this morning. ben, it seems that the more centrist voices within the government there were increasingly at odds with netanyahu's vision. walk us through some of the public disagreements were that kind of exposed that. >> reporter: well, the agreements and disagreements were over a variety of thing, for instance, the worsening relations between israel and the united states. the finance minister and tzipi livni, the justice minister were quite vocal in their criticism of benjamin netanyahu who's had a series of high-profile run-ins with the obama administration. in addition to that, there have been profound disagreements over a proposed law that would define israel as the nation state of the jewish people. that's something they didn't agree upon and then there's really just the question of personalities. these guys did not get along.
11:49 pm
and it wasn't just differences between centrist politicians like livni and lapede but had previous run-ins with his own l likud party. it only lasted 20 months and certainly is one that had troubles from the beginning. it appears at a certain point netanyahu said it's impossible to run the country given these disagreements so this probably is what led him to make this decision. now, we understand that the speaker of the knesset or israeli parliament within the next 15 minutes will be meeting with faction heads in the knesset to determine a proper date for the elections. we're expecting some time in the middle of march as late as early april, but elections are on the way soon, of course, the knesset will start the process of
11:50 pm
dissolving itself probably by monday it will have a final decision vote on that and israel will be under a caretaker government until the election takes place sometime as i said early march or rather mid-march, early april. errol. >> then i wonder then what, ben? netanyahu has sent a very loud signal with this shake-up and you wonder if the government mo moves, you know, moves more to the right. what will that do to the possibility of any progress on peace talks next year? is it now that much more elusive? >> reporter: well, of course, the outcome of this election is anybody's guess. the opinion polls that we've seen so far are very contradictory. on the one side we're seeing that yesterday some israeli television stations published a poll saying if there were elections today, likud would do better. however at the same time they're saying people are blaming him
11:51 pm
for the collapse of the government and if you look in the israeli media, it does seem to be that the consensus of opinion is that this is going to be an election about benjamin netanyahu. has enemies on the right and enemies on the left so is he going to be able to come out of this gamble, the winner, it's very difficult to say at this point. >> always great to chat with our ben wedeman, thanks for joining us this morning, 9:50 there in jerusalem. we'll be right back.♪ (holiday ) hey! i guess we're going to need a new santa ♪(the music builds to a climax.) more people are coming to audi than ever before. see why now is the best time. audi will cover your first month's payment on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today.
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here's something you don't see every day. a suspected car thief trying to outrun the law on a skateboard. jeanne moos shows you the chase and how a reality tv star made a cameo. >> reporter: it started out as just another los angeles police chase, a stolen bmw driving in the wrong lane against traffic doing 90 miles an hour at one point. weaving and squeezing and then, boom. >> he just crashed. >> reporter: but the rear ending wasn't the surprise ending. lugging a getaway skateboard was. he ran across three lanes of traffic clutching the long board and then came the move worthy of a movie if only it had worked. for five seconds the suspect tried to skateboard away from officers in hot pursuit on foot. experienced skateboarders we
11:55 pm
talked to gave the suspect low marks. his technique was described as not very good. the chase hysterical. back on foot, he ran into trouble when a red pickup tried to block his path. he went around it and then as police were closing in, the same red pickup cut him off and practically pinned him. >> whoa. who is that guy. that is the former star of a now canceled reality show, there's the truck. ♪ luis lou pisaro used to dramatize car repossessions. >> stop playing around, okay. >> reporter: so it seemed natural to represent real cops get their man. >> just instinct. just to, you know, block the guy off. >> reporter: 33-year-old jesus ha zamoro was charged with auto theft. an officer did play footsy with it. a skateboard isn't what that guy needed.
11:56 pm
what that guy needed was this. ♪ >> he's on a longboard. >> reporter: if this guy had one of those, don't hover, take cover. jeanne moos, cnn. >> oh. who is that guy? >> reporter: new york. >> yeah, where are our hover boards, by the way. president obama has just two years left in office. but his likeness will live on in a unique way. take a look. mr. obama's become the first to have his presidential portrait so to speak made in digital 3d. the smithsonian sat him in front of a panel of 50 l.e.d. lights and eight high-definition cameras and got every blemish for that bust of unprecedented detail produced with a 3d printer. results went on display at the smithsonian on tuesday. the rest of us will just have to sitle with our low-tech selfies.
11:57 pm
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inside kobani. cnn takes you to the besieged syrian city at the center of the battle. >> each night particularly last night we had very intense clashes further down this street towards the eastern front here. the japanese company behind millions of faulty air bags resists u.s. calls for a nationwide recall. we are live in tokyo. we're live in jerusalem where the israeli government is undergoing a major